Gary Ocher
Gary has been conducting Telecommunications and Information Technology research for 17 years. In 1998 he founded COMQuest Research in order to deliver high quality, creative, and cost effective research to clients. Prior to this, Gary had held positions of increasing responsibility at Louis Harris, the Taylor Group, ORC, Total Research, and Ronin.

Gary’s background includes a well-rounded mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Quantitatively, he’s conducted numerous customer satisfaction efforts, pricing and product optimization studies, as well as studies focusing on brand awareness and imagery, demand estimation, customer retention, segmentation, defector analyses, and many others. Qualitatively, he is a seasoned moderator, having personally conducted hundreds of focus groups, and hundreds more one-on-one interviews. Gary received his MBA from Syracuse University in 1984, and his B.S. from the State University of New York in 1982.