Thirty-three and 1/2 hours after leaving New York, Charles Lindbergh landed the Spirit of St. Louis at Le Bourget, an airfield on the outskirts of Paris. Often flying within ten feet of the Atlantic wave-tops, Lindbergh needed unsurpassed confidence in the plane that he helped design and build.

At COMQuest, we help our clients design and build all types of research studies, from qualitative to quantitative; from domestic to international. And, at the end of the day, our goal is to earn that same level of confidence from every client.

According to Our Clients...

"I would like to express my appreciation for all of the excellent work you have done for Lucent Technologies over the past several years. I realize that many times you have gone the extra mile, neglected normal sleep requirements and traveled to excess -- just to meet our business requirements and schedules. Please be aware that all these efforts have contributed to Lucent Technologiesí success in the marketplace."

-Joe Porus, Lucent Technologies

"COMQuest is always flexible and accommodating, and maintains a high level of creativity and a commitment to excellence. COMQuest understands my business, and works harmonically with my internal clients."

-Larry Durkin, U S WEST

"COMQuest quickly understands our unique business issues, and always keeps us up to date on the status of projects. I feel confident in asking COMQuest senior partners to personally interview our largest corporate accounts. They are able to synthesize a lot of information and provide recommendations that MS senior management is able to act upon."

-Ken Glass, Microsoft Corporation

"Working with COMQuest has been an effortless and rewarding experience. COMQuest is careful to understand our requirements thoroughly and works diligently to produce high quality results. Analysis is thoughtful and complete. Projects are completed on time and for a good value. In total, itís been a delightful relationship and we look forward to working with COMQuest extensively in the future."

-Evy Smith, Centennial Communications

"I think you are one of the most thorough, creative, and personable professionals I have ever met. There is nothing you start that you donít finish -- and you do it with enthusiasm. You find ways to overcome every obstacle that a project encounters, and you are willing to take the extra steps to deliver an excellent product. I would summarize it with the four Rís: Responsive, Responsible, Resilient, and Reasonable. Furthermore, you always find a way to balance different requirements of the Ďprocessí as well as the Ďgoalí -- which need very different kinds of skills. You have vision and strategize well, and you produce high quality deliverables."

-Ellen Dontigney, Bell Atlantic Corporation