COMQuest Principals remain deeply involved in all phases of each assignment. You benefit from senior management attention and the long-term continuity this provides.

COMQuest Principals have established track records among both blue-chip and new-chip companies. You benefit from the confidence that your assignment will be led by seasoned researchers.

COMQuest Principals have developed industry leading methods for measuring and evaluating brand equity, corporate positioning and reputation. You benefit from a proven approach yielding strategic and tactical recommendations that allow you to act confidently on research findings.

COMQuest Principals have developed deep industry knowledge of the Telecommunications and Information Technology industries. You benefit by not having to train researchers on background and current substantive issues.

COMQuest Principals have the experience and objectivity to interact and present results at all management levels. You benefit from an unbiased objective partner able to help assimilate research within your organization.

COMQuest approaches each project with flexibility and no methodological biases. You benefit from the knowledge that the most appropriate methods are used (not off the shelf or black box methods).

COMQuest’s value is derived from fair pricing practices in conjunction with the highest quality work product. You benefit by always receiving deliverables that are ‘worth what paid for.’